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I illustrated another proposal storybook!  This time, Kyle Schmidt wanted to propose to his girlfriend Christa Clampitt, an elementary school teacher in Texas.  Kyle and I worked in secret to put the book together, and last Friday was the Big Day.  During school, Christa was asked to read a book (THE book) to a large group of students gathered in the Library.  After she finished the book, Kyle came in, got on one knee (bringing the couple almost to eye level!), and proposed.   I am so thrilled that Christa said YES! I always get a special kind of FEELS when my artwork is used in the name of love.  Yeah, I’m big on the cheese.  Below, you can find the pages of the story, as well as the video of Kyle proposing to Christa at the elementary school where she works.

Congrats to the happy couple!  I wish you nothing but health and happiness for MANY years to come!


VIDEO: Kyle proposes to Christa at her school!

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