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When Rick wrote me an email in late September detailing his long-time relationship with his girlfriend, Chloe, I knew that they were hopelessly in love.  Rick and Chloe became pen-pals when they were kids, and had been writing each other for more than 12 years when they met for the first time in 2011.  The rest is history.  Rick came to me with an idea for a superhero storybook that served as not just an engagement gift for Chloe, but also a very special keepsake for Chloe’s son, Evan.

Along with pictures (below), Rick also sent me this glowing testimonial.  It was an absolute pleasure working with him, and I wish his new family nothing but joy and happiness.

-Yoni Limor

“I always knew how I wanted to propose to Chloe, with a children’s book addressed to our son, Evan. I only had an idea, no words written or concepts drawn. Yoni Limor brought my vision to life. I sent Yoni a few pictures of our family and rough drafts of what I wanted the book to be about and Yoni turned it into something that our family will treasure for the rest of time. He was a partner in this book, he did more than illustrate it, he walked me through it step by step.
The idea was that of a little boy who thinks his parents are superheroes because of the way they act towards each other, not because they wear costumes or fly around protecting humanity. I wanted Evan to see that his family was special but also normal. Yoni put personal aspects in the book as well. When we turned one of the pages and Evan saw himself holding Buzz Lightyear, his favorite character, he lit up with joy.
You see, Evan’s not my biological son, but he’s my whole world and I wanted to propose in a way that we could have a memento for Evan to cherish for years to come. He is too young to know that I am not his biological father so I thought this book would also be the perfect catalyst when the conversation of how our family came to be arises in a few years. Most dads would agree, when you have a child there’s nothing more precious than the element of surprise. The look on my son’s face when you tell him that he is getting a surprise is priceless, so I knew there was no better way to propose than to surprise Evan and Chloe with this book.
I thank Yoni Limor from the bottom of my heart for making my dream come true.”
– Rick Skalski
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