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There once was an Elephant…

A Monkey's Fairytale cover

I illustrated another proposal storybook!  This time, Kyle Schmidt wanted to propose to his girlfriend Christa Clampitt, an elementary school teacher in Texas.  Kyle and I worked in secret to put the book together, and last Friday was the Big Day.  During school, Christa was asked to read a book (THE book) to a large group of students gathered in the Library.  After she finished the book, Kyle came in, got on one knee (bringing the couple almost to eye level!), and proposed.   I am so thrilled that Christa said YES! I always get a special kind of FEELS when my artwork is used in the name of love.  Yeah, I’m big on the cheese.  Below, you can find the pages of the story, as well as the video of Kyle proposing to Christa at the elementary school where she works.

Congrats to the happy couple!  I wish you nothing but health and happiness for MANY years to come!


VIDEO: Kyle proposes to Christa at her school!

You can get more information about creating your own 100% custom storybook on my Etsy page:

Storybook listing on Etsy

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My Super Family

web cover

When Rick wrote me an email in late September detailing his long-time relationship with his girlfriend, Chloe, I knew that they were hopelessly in love.  Rick and Chloe became pen-pals when they were kids, and had been writing each other for more than 12 years when they met for the first time in 2011.  The rest is history.  Rick came to me with an idea for a superhero storybook that served as not just an engagement gift for Chloe, but also a very special keepsake for Chloe’s son, Evan.

Along with pictures (below), Rick also sent me this glowing testimonial.  It was an absolute pleasure working with him, and I wish his new family nothing but joy and happiness.

-Yoni Limor

“I always knew how I wanted to propose to Chloe, with a children’s book addressed to our son, Evan. I only had an idea, no words written or concepts drawn. Yoni Limor brought my vision to life. I sent Yoni a few pictures of our family and rough drafts of what I wanted the book to be about and Yoni turned it into something that our family will treasure for the rest of time. He was a partner in this book, he did more than illustrate it, he walked me through it step by step.
The idea was that of a little boy who thinks his parents are superheroes because of the way they act towards each other, not because they wear costumes or fly around protecting humanity. I wanted Evan to see that his family was special but also normal. Yoni put personal aspects in the book as well. When we turned one of the pages and Evan saw himself holding Buzz Lightyear, his favorite character, he lit up with joy.
You see, Evan’s not my biological son, but he’s my whole world and I wanted to propose in a way that we could have a memento for Evan to cherish for years to come. He is too young to know that I am not his biological father so I thought this book would also be the perfect catalyst when the conversation of how our family came to be arises in a few years. Most dads would agree, when you have a child there’s nothing more precious than the element of surprise. The look on my son’s face when you tell him that he is getting a surprise is priceless, so I knew there was no better way to propose than to surprise Evan and Chloe with this book.
I thank Yoni Limor from the bottom of my heart for making my dream come true.”
– Rick Skalski
yoni limor 2013


 waiting for the surprisewhen they say the family in illustrationshe said yesRingUPDATE: Check out the story on Buzzfeed!

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Storybook Illustration

Have you written a story that you want illustrated? I have been asked for some time to offer this service, and with the news of Paul Phillips and Jason Methner’s proposal stories in the spotlight,  no time like the present. I offer several packages for all types of projects; from just artwork, to a fully typeset/layout PDF ready to print, including a physical copy to send to publishing houses. My rates are extremely reasonable and I can work to conform to you your budget.  FB message me ( or E-mail me at to get the ball rolling! They make great gifts, too!

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Our Love Is Like A Storybook Story…

After the hoopla from the first proposal storybook I illustrated, I was contacted by Paul Phillips to illustrate a story he had written to propose to his girlfriend Erika.  I was excited to take on the familiar task.  They both really like going to the zoo, so Paul decided that he wanted to be a gorilla, and Erika a giraffe.  This was only a slight problem in the character design phase, as Paul towers over Erika in real life.  Over the course of this project I got to know Paul and, through him, Erika.  I can tell that they are a perfect match for one another.  I wish them nothing but much nachas for what is sure to be a long and happy marriage! Mazel tov, you two!   The Story on BUZZFEED

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Sheldon The Librarian Preview Comic available for pre-order!! Ships in July!

Pre-order your Sheldon The Librarian Preview Comic today!! Ships in July!
You can now pre-order your copy of the Sheldon The Librarian Preview Comic; 24 pages of art with concept sketches, character design and pin-ups, including the first 12 pages of STL: Act One!

BONUS: Order before June 1st, 2013 and in addition to the comic, you will also receive an 8-pack of STL trading cards (including one artist sketch card, hand-drawn by me) and 2 STL 8.5 x 11 glossy prints! ALL FOR $15!! (free shipping in the US, $5 outside US)

To Order: Make payment through to and type “Sheldon” in the message box


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Now Playing Podcast 5th Anniversary DVD

The Now Playing Podcast celebrated their 5th anniversary by putting together a dvd of their best movie reviews from their self-titled podcast.  They commissioned me to draw the DVD cover with wrap-around artwork featuring characters from some of their favorite movies they have reviewed over the last 5 playing podcast-final405974_10151153223337105_1323074779_n

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Q-Tip Face

qtipfaceHere is the logo artwork I drew for the new website     Post  a picture of your Q-Tip Face and have it voted on by your “peers”.

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Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong…

What a week it has been!  Way back in December, my good friend Jason Methner asked me to draw a children’s book he had written so he could propose to his long-time girlfriend, Molly Lipsitz.  I jumped at the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind keepsake that their family could cherish forever.   Long story short, she said “Yes!” and I breathed a sigh of relief.  It was a little daunting being asked to draw something that would have such a sentimental value on what would be one of the most important days of their lives, but of course, Molly absolutely LOVED the book.  And she wasn’t the only one.  Jason proposed at the Chicago Public Library, who in turn posted the story to their CPL facebook page.  From there, their story travelled the inter-tubes all the way to the Huffington Post and then  It has since been covered in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and the happy couple has been receiving congratulations all week from complete strangers.  I couldn’t be happier for Jason & Molly; the entire world deserves to see what true love looks like.

And THEN it got shared by Buzzfeed.

All artwork © 2013 Yoni Limor.   Photography © 2013 Aparna Paul Jane

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DC in Colored Pencil

After almost a decade of sitting idly, my Prismacolor pencils were brought down off their shelf.  These original DC pieces measure 8.5″ x 11″ and drawn on 32lb laser paper.  All pieces are for sale;  $40 (free shipping inside the US).   To purchase, send payment through Paypal to, and in the subject box type “DC colored pencils” and then which piece you want.  Watermark is NOT on original artwork.    Please allow 2 weeks for shipping.

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